Hand-crafted in Bournemouth’s sea air, I founded Rayelle with the hope of bringing back all of the flair of the 20’s jewellery scene, using responsibly sourced, quality materials, but at an affordable price.

The idea was simple: create pieces I adore, make them the right way and find ways to put them in the hands of as many people as possible. To do this I realised I had to make two separate collections, and it works pretty well! The Concept Collection is my playground, creating new and exciting pieces from materials that are easier to come by, that I can sell at more reasonable prices. The Core Collection holds my favourite designs, made out of higher quality metals and stones that I hope will last a lifetime.

The key to all of this, and what I hope will set me apart in the time to come, is that the same amount of love and attention goes into everything I make, regardless of price point or materials used. I love what I do. It baffles me daily that people are prepared to part with their hard earned money to purchase a piece of Rayelle Jewellery, and you can be sure that I'll make every effort to make your experience as a customer a magical one.